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Sydney West runs Striking class on Tuesday evening which involves more use of all striking including kicks, knees and elbows.

Tuesday afternoon at 5:15 pm is a Kickboxing session aimed at fitness and skill acquisition. This session has only very light contact sparring and is suitable for all levels of student.

SWMA draws on the varied experience of its instructors to deliver the highest quality in striking tuition for the beginner through to advanced student. We focus some of our classes on preparing our students to utilise their striking in a Mixed Martial Arts context. What this means is that a consideration is taken to takedowns and various ranges of fighting.


Striking Equipment

Equipment required for Striking classes is:

  • 16 oz Gloves

  • Shin Guards

  • Mouthguard (sparring)

  • Groin Guard (optional)

  • Hand Wraps (optional)

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