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Kids Jiu Jitsu

Hi Parents, we understand it can be difficult to understand all the different Martial Arts options for your little ones. There are so many and to most people its all the same thing. We want you to understand that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is very different to other options around and in our opinion is by far the best option for helping little ones with confidence, coordination, discipline and many other attributes.

BJJ is a non striking based martial art which concentrates predominantly on ground wrestling and takedown techniques. Kids BJJ also has a belt progression system allowing for children to validate their skills and learning by acquiring new promotions as they progress through gradings which are held every 3 months.

At Sydney West Martial Arts our instructors will assist your child in becoming able to deal with the looming "bully" situations we see becoming more prominent in schools and society nowadays. We not only teach techniques but ideologies on how to deal with confronting situations.


Ages & Timing

Sydney West Kids BJJ class is open to children between the ages of 4 to 14

Kids BJJ Cubs Class (4-8 yo) runs on Monday & Wednesday at 4:30pm - 5pm

Kids BJJ Bears Class (9-14yo) runs on Monday & Wednesday at 5pm - 5:45pm

All Kids BJJ classes are Gi classes meaning their uniform is a kimono.

Our Program runs on a 10 week rotation during the school term all year round, rain hail or shine.


We accept Active Kids vouchers to which you are entitled 2 per year, for each school aged child. These are to the value of $100 and are a great incentive to motivate children to be more active.


Gold Membership (Any 2 classes each week) $260 per 10 week rotation.

Silver Membership (Any 1 class each week) $200 per 10 week rotation.

For those parents that would prefer a direct debit we do have that option also.

If you have more than one child or want to train yourself, we do fantastic family discounts. Ask the Sydney West staff when you come in to try a class.


On your first day just bring your child and yourself and a SWMA instructor will expain to you the equipment required. If your child enjoys the class and would like to continue training the following is the equipment required.

  • BJJ GI/Komono sold at SWMA reception.

  • BJJ Belt

Sydney West Martial Arts Cubs and Bears Brazilian Jiujitsu grading
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