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  • How much does it cost?
    How much is what? I know that's a question with a question but what is it you are wanting to know prices for? If you walk into the car dealer and say "how much"? the first thing they will want to know is, what sort of car are you looking for? Our martial arts academy is the same. We offer many different classes and membership options, what we also offer is a free trial session. So come on in and try out our facilities and instructors and we can explain pricing options after you know whether you want a small hatchback or a large family car.
  • When is beginner night, as I am new to this?
    We have 4 BJJ fundamental classes each week. These run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 5:15pm til 6pm and is a No GI class. These classes are a perfect starting point and consist of a small warmup and basic technique. The live wrestling in this class is controled to specific positions. You are welcome to attend any BJJ class on the timetable if you are a beginner (outside of Advanced class) as your instructor will be tailoring the session for their least and most experienced students. Don't feel worried as we all had to start at some point, just pick a class from the timetable, come in 15 mins before class and be ready to have fun.
  • What do I wear?
    Each class will require specific specialised equipment such a gloves, shin guards or a Rashguard. We understand that if you have not trained before you will not have any equipment. What we recommend is, as a minimum your clothing must not be able to scratch or hurt your training partners. This means: No zippers, buttons or loose clothing. Just wear comfortable clothes and you can chat to your instructor about buying the correct gear once you start your training. (On a side note, also ensure your fingernails and toenails are cut short)
  • What age can my child start BJJ Training?
    Our Kids BJJ classes currently cater for kids 4 years of age to 14.Check out the Kid's Brazilian JiuJitsu page for more info.
  • Can I come in and just watch a class?
    Sure! We always prefer that you come in and try out a class, that way you can actually get a feel for what you are embarking upon, but if you are a little shy and want to just put your feet in before diving in that's fine also. All we ask is that you are respectful, come to class before the starting time, talk to the instructor in charge and enjoy.
  • I am not in shape yet, so should I get fitter before starting at your academy?
    This is a surprisingly common statement made by individuals. What we say is that you will get in shape by coming in, trying out a class and getting started on your martial arts journey. We had a student that came to us at close to 170kg and now less that 12 months later is under 100kg and still dropping. Making the choice to start with us may save your life in many ways but getting in shape physically will happen as a great by product.
  • I want to do MMA?
    That is fantastic as MMA is a fun sport and very strong self defence style of training. What we recommend is that you start out with the individual skill classes first, such as BJJ class and Striking. Trying to do just the MMA class with no prior experience is like baking a cake with no ingredients.
  • Do I need to book for my trial class?
    No need to book. Come along 15 mins before class and be ready to have fun.
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